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Fundraising Models

Venture Capital
Security Token Offering
Hybrid Solutions
Venture Capital
Old money for the new world. Traditional investors are still very cautious with modern investment projects because of their traditional mentality. “Old money” is just waking up to the evident explosive potential for returns. Our professional background is venture capital, wealth management, private and industry investments. We speak the same language with investors and we are well-equipped to guide you into the world of big “old money”.
Security Token Offering
Security is now an option. The market creates new trends. Security Token Offering (STO) – a fundraising model in which investors are offered tokens with key characteristics of financial instruments: the right to profit or exchange for shares in a company. STOs are subject to the financial markets regulations, so this procedure is cryptic and complex. We have carried out over 20 STOs, and we are ready to share our experience, know-how and insights.
Hybrid Solutions
The new life of utility tokens. The “Wild West ICO” era has ended. Most of the hyped blockchain projects have now revealed common problems: the lack of investor control and the distance between the asset value and real indicators. To fix this we developed hybrid fundraising protocols combining utility tokens with equity. This will be safe and beneficial for both startups and investors.

Fundraising Roadmap

Deep Assessment
Offering memorandum
Financial model
White paper
Legal documents
Investment structure
Targeting 2000+ contacts with investors in 12+ countires
Targeting potential investors
Representing company in negotiations
Arranging communications with investors
Roadshows with private meetings
Promotional campaigns
500+ presentations and
150+ investor leads
Closing Transactions
Deal closing support
Legal support
Investor relations
Next funding rounds preparations
25+ transactions
In 3–6 months we can attract up to

Fundraising Services

Attracting Funds
Through our network of local offices, we have formed a dedicated circle of investors in the regions, pitching and selling successful projects to them directly. As we work closely with the project founders we get the latest information about the project development. The result of this collaboration is successful fundraising.
We target appropriate groups of investors in appropriate markets from our network of VC, wealth managers, major private investors. We work closely with them and invite those who are interested in the project.
Project Refinement
We take care of everything to make your fundraising a success, verifying the underlying business model and refinement of project documentation, including feasibility study, cost-effectiveness projections and financial models.
Deep Assessment
360 degrees analysis and evaluation of the project that will help find deficiencies in business model, possible gaps in legal framework, project documentation, etc.  As a result, the project obtains a stronger footing.
Content production
Effective media materials for digital and traditional platforms: “selling” videos, special projects, press releases and presentations that really work.
brand awareness
Make the brand known to the targeted investors. We craft communication strategy, create and boost Brand Awareness of the project in the key markets, design targeted messages for the press and media.
marketing to influencers
Engaging with key audiences and decision makers via network of dedicated influencers and opinion leaders in the key markets.
Legal Services
Transaction support
We ensure the deals with investors are closed appropriately, with strong and valid legal instruments.
corporate planning
Based on the specific offering structure and requirements, we select the most fitting jurisdiction and legal framework so that it is done in full compliance with the law. We aim to save on taxes, too. In short, we take care of all the legal hurdles.
registrations and legal
Based on the experience of the verified lawyers and local legal specialists, we develop a robust corporate architecture and complete registration process.
Software Support
Software development and Smart Contracts audit for Security Token Offering, issuance and distribution of digital securities.
Turnkey solutions to prevent fishing and cyber attacks at any stage of the project’s life.

Why Memorandum Capital

We Expand Influence
Your personal team of banking professionals. We turn companies into turnkey investment products. With our help you can have the key financial markets within an easy reach via our representatives in over 10 countries.
We Offer Experience
Our team has been working in finance industry and in fundraising for over 50 years: team portfolio of more than $500 Million in VC & private equity and more than $4 Billion in public offerings. We accumulated unique expertise to offer to you.
We Target Smart Money
We form for you a pool of dedicated investors with relevant experience who share your passion for the product. In addition to investment you gain expertise and the whole network of your Smart Money partner.
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